Why We Started



Be Like Mike T was made to express individuality and creative freedom. It represents loyalty, integrity, confidence, and a feeling of being unstoppable. Pursue passions, chase dreams, and achieve infinite goals. Become who you want to become in life and trust the process. Anything is possible and there are no limits to what anyone can achieve. The logo is meant to bring a feeling of comfort and familiarity. A breath of fresh air.



 With that being said,

It's easy to get blind-sided by negativity and societies standards but I am making sure the world knows we create the world we live in nobody else. I thought to myself, what is something I could come up with that will show my vision and bring like-minded individuals along with me? I decided to personally curate a collection of products that I would wear or use and make my ideas available for you! I have a team of friends who help me with design ideas and models for product images. Without them I am nothing and I am grateful for their support.

I have a variety of products from super soft t-shirts, color changing coffee mugs, joggers, hats, and more. My goal is to make you look good, feel good, and be good as we take on our day-to-day lives. Be confident in not just who you are but what you wear.

Reputation is important and it's crucial to me to make sure every customer is proud to put on our brand and become the lifestyle we've created. For most of my life I never knew what I was passionate about or what career I would pursue. Life came at me fast but I never seemed to keep up with the pace. I was in a maze of confusion and reluctant to try new ideas being afraid of failure and embarrassment. Luckily, I have friends who believe in me and pushed me to express my ideas through music. Over the last few years I have been perfecting my craft lyrically and creating content that gives people a modern/vintage feel. A specific sound that is out there but not shown enough. Combining the two passions into my own creation is a dream come true. I want you to shop at Be Like Mike T because it is also something you believe in. Be who you are and never give up on yourself. Grind with grit and tenacity and watch the world come to you.

Become the breath of fresh air

- Mike T